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Måhända har denne unge man, liksom jag, läst David Benatar! Denne filosof skriver i Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence (s. 161):

Combining the view that fetuses lack moral standing in the earlier stages of pregnancy with the view that it is always a harm to come into existence turns the prevailing presumptions about abortion on their head. Instead of a presumption in favour of continuing pregnancy, we should adopt a presumption, at least in the earlier stages of pregnancy, against carrying a fetus to term. This is the ”pro-death” view of abortion. On this view, it is not any given abortion (in the earlier stages of pregnancy) that requires justification, but rather any given failure to abort. For such a failure allows somebody to suffer the serious harm of coming into existence.

En lite annorlunda hållning i dagens abortdebatt.

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