Invandring och brottslighet i Tyskland

Inte bara Sverige, utan i hög grad även Tyskland, har på senare år tagit emot ett stort antal invandrare. Ett bekymmer många har är att invandring leder till ökad brottslighet. Den nya studien ”Do Immigrants Affect Crime? Evidence from Panel Data for Germany” undersöker om så har skett i Tyskland:

Employing different standard panel estimation methods, we show that there is no positive association between the immigrant rate and the crime rate. We assess the robustness of this result by considering the heterogeneity of immigrant groups with respect to gender, age, country of origin and – if applicable – refugee status, and study naturalized immigrants. We also take into account possible spillover effects of immigrants on criminal activities by Germans, omitted variables and spatial correlation. Furthermore, taking advantage of the panel-structure of the data set we employ an instrumental variable approach that deals with the possibly endogenous allocation of immigrants and allows for causal interpretation of the estimates. There is no evidence that immigrants increase crime.

Förhoppningsvis ett lugnande besked för dem som trodde motsatsen.