Slöja och solglasögon

Bildresultat för veiled woman

Karl Lagerfeld svarar på en fråga:

I like that you make it clear that you don’t want to be photographed or filmed without your sunglasses on. I don’t either. Who would?
They’re my burka.

Döm om min förvåning då jag upptäckte en akademisk analys av solglasögon och sätt att dölja kroppen, genom slöja, burka etc! Men denna analys, presenterad i artikeln ”Veils and Sunglasses”, ger, till skillnad från Karl Lagerfeld, vid handen att solglasögon och burka snarast har motsatt effekt och karaktär:

Both the veil and sunglasses aim to disrupt gazes. Marshal McLuhan has analysed sunglasses and their relationship with his system of hot and cool media. The attractive eyes of the veiled woman invite the gaze to further scrutiny. A general but relatively profound attraction is effectuated first, which will then create the desire to discover the rest of the face. The perceptual mechanics of dark glasses works the other way. Here the official part of the face is freely exposed, but it loses a part of its attractiveness because the deeper or ‘‘real’’ meaning of the features cannot be fully construed and, in many cases, is not supposed to be construed at all. By hiding in an apparently ‘‘cool’’ way one’s official facial expressions, the resulting play with desire and attraction makes the veil rather hot in the McLuhanian sense.

Fascinerande. För övrigt är jag emot slöjförbud.