Vad har hjälpt fattiga i Indien och Kina?

Professorn i utvecklingsekonomi Jagdish Bhagwati:

Many activists today think that development economists in the past neglected poverty in their quest for growth. But what they miss is that the latter was seen as the most effective weapon against the former. Poverty rates in the developing countries did indeed rise during the postwar decades, but this was because growth was sporadic and uncommon. And that was because the policy framework developing countries embraced was excessively dirigiste, with knee-jerk government intervention across the economy and fears of excessive openness to trade and foreign direct investment. After countries such as China and India changed course and adopted liberal (or, if you prefer, ”neoliberal”) reforms in the last decades of the century, their growth rates soared and half a billion people managed to move above the poverty line — without question, the greatest and quickest progress in fighting poverty in history.

Vad nu? Har ”nyliberalismen” hjälpt de fattiga? Det stämmer inte med vad jag har läst på DN Kultur.

Se även vad ekonomipristagaren Robert Lucas har att säga om saken.