Kritik av public choice

Jag är förtjust i den kritik av public choice som framförs av Bryan Caplan och Edward Stringham i ”Mises, Bastiat, Public Opinion, and Public Choice” (publicerad 2005 i Review of Political Economy 17(1): 79–105). Abstract:

The political economy of Ludwig von Mises and Frederic Bastiat has been largely ignored even by their admirers. We argue that Mises’ and Bastiat’s views in this area were both original and insightful. While traditional public choice generally maintains that democracy fails because voters’ views are rational but ignored, the Mises–Bastiat view is that democracy fails because voters’ views are irrational but heeded. Mises and Bastiat anticipate many of the most effective criticisms of traditional public choice to emerge during the last decade and point to many avenues for future research.