En man utan hobby

Bildresultat för theodor adorno

Theodor Adorno i The Culture Industry: Selected Essays on Mass Culture:

I have no hobby. As far as my activities beyond the bounds of my recognized profession are concerned, I take them all, without exception, very seriously. So much so, that I should be horrified by the idea that they had anything to do with hobbies—preoccupations in which I had become mindlessly infatuated in order to kill the time—had I not become hardened by experience to such examples of this now widespread, barbarous mentality.

För egen del önskar jag, tvärtom, att jag hade (fler) hobbyer! Det är ofta plågsamt att ta livet på stort allvar. ”Mindless infatuation in order to kill the time” – ja tack! Mer av den varan.

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