Den destruktiva sexualdriften

Arthur Schopenhauer skriver om sexualdriften i The World as Will and Idea:

The sexual impulse in all its degrees and nuances plays not only on the stage and in novels, but also in the real world, where, next to the love of life, it shows itself the strongest and most powerful of motives, constantly lays claim to half the powers and thoughts of the younger portion of mankind, to the ultimate goal of almost all human efforts, interrupts the most serious occupations every hour, sometimes embarrasses for a while even the greatest minds, does not hesitate to intrude with its trash, interfering with the negotiations of statesmen and the investigations of men of learning, knows how to slip its love letters and locks of hair even into ministerial portfolios and philosophical manuscripts, and no less devises daily the most entangled and the worst actions, destroys the most valuable relationships, breaks the firmest bond, demands the sacrifice sometimes of life or health, sometimes of wealth, rank, and happiness, nay, robs those who are otherwise honest of all conscience, makes those who have hitherto been faithful, traitors; accordingly on the whole, appears as a malevolent demon that strives to pervert, confuse and overthrow everything.

Vissa mäktiga herrar skulle säkert, ex post, hålla med. Å andra sidan finns det nog ett och annat som talar för sexuell njutning, trots allt. Om man kan utöva den med respekt för andra och och om man gör rationella försök att minimera negativa konsekvenser, kan den ses som ett av de mest lyckobringande inslagen i tillvaron. Håller man inte med finns alltid möjlighet att överväga alternativet celibat.