Egoistisk kärlek

I morgon är det Alla hjärtans dag eller Valentine’s Day. Så passande då att ta del av Ayn Rands analys (i Playboy!) av kärlekens väsen:

When you are in love, it means that the person you love is of great personal, selfish importance to you and to your life. If you were selfless, it would have to mean that you derive no personal pleasure or happiness from the company and the existence of the person you love, and that you are motivated only by self-sacrificial pity for that person’s need of you. I don’t have to point out to you that no one would be flattered by, nor would accept, a concept of that kind. Love is not self-sacrifice, but the most profound assertion of your own needs and values. It is for your own happiness that you need the person you love, and that is the greatest compliment, the greatest tribute you can pay to that person.

Det är inte så vanligt att se på kärleken på detta sätt, även om det inte är helt förvånande för en person som har författat en bok med titeln The Virtue of Selfishness. Läs lite mer om Rands syn på kärlek här (och lite mer om min syn på kärlek här).