Christo imponerar

Jag fascineras av Christo och Jeanne-Claudes storslagna konstverk. Christos nya projekt, Over the River, verkar mycket lovande:

Christo plans to suspend 5.9 miles of silvery, luminous fabric panels high above the Arkansas River along a 42-mile stretch of the river between Salida and Cañon City in south-central Colorado.

Det tråkiga är att konventionella människor försöker stoppa konstverket. Leo Steinberg beskriver en möjlig tolkning av dess budskap:

From Christo’s explanations and explicit drawings of what is envisioned, I anticipate certain surprises, among them a welcome revision of the river’s deportment in three-dimensional space. A river tends to be seen and thought of along the horizontality of its stream—a level course which Christo’s parallel canopy seems to confirm. But that canopy—pitched only 8 feet above the water’s surface—is to be of a transparent cloth that keeps sky and cloud always in evidence, and with it (I hope) a sharpened awareness of living under pillars of air. To say nothing of the river’s own depth in unceasing play. In other words, I expect Over the River—more precisely the low thatch overhead—to impart a livelier sense of the river’s participation in verticality.

Verket är tänkt att visas under endast två veckor 2014, om tillstånd ges. Konventionella människor i Colorado försöker stoppa detta mästerverk. Jag hoppas innerligt att de misslyckas därmed.