Recension av Jämlikhetsanden

Den i vänsterkretsar så hyllade boken Jämlikhetsanden recenseras i juninumret av Population and Development Review, intressant nog av en ekonometriskt bevandrad nationalekonom, Christian Bjørnskov. Hans omdöme:

However, to readers with a background in economics or political science, the evidence in the book is wanting. When seeing strong conclusions drawn from scatter plots and other simple figures, for example, one has to ask three questions: 1) are the relations driven by outlier observations; 2) are the findings robust to controlling for other relevant factors; and 3) are the relations likely to be causal? Surprisingly often, Wilkinson and Pickett’s claims fail to address one or more of these questions. …

The bottom line is that this is a well-written, stimulating polemic. It nevertheless suffers from the same problems as one-trick ponies: if the one trick does not impress you, the show is a failure. Wilkinson and Pickett’s trick simply does not hold up to empirical scrutiny. When assessing this book as a contribution to the debate on the “right” level of income differences in modern society, it is a highly interesting, sympathetic attempt at addressing some of the important problems of Western societies. Yet, when assessing this book from a scientific point of view, one is forced to conclude that it is a failure.

Du kan läsa hela recensionen här.

Se även Andreas Berghs inlägg ”Om jämlikhetsanden och jämlikhetsbluffen: från skatterplots till forskningsfronten”.

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