Kan sexuell frihet ge stabila relationer?

Här är en intressant tes som rimmar väl med min egen kärlekssyn:

Biologists distinguish sexual monogamy from social monogamy. As DNA testing has grown cheaper in recent years, we’ve learned that most species formerly classified as “monogamous” (primarily birds) are socially monogamous, but not sexually so. In other words, they form pairs that cooperatively care for that season’s brood of young, but the male may well not be the biological father. Applied to humans, we argue that a more flexible approach to sexual fidelity can increase marital stability and thus lead to greater social and family stability.

Ja, är det inte naivt att tro att man kan få alla sina behov tillfredsställda på ett bra sätt av en och samma person hela livet? Läs mer om den nya boken Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality, i vilken detta budskap presenteras.

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