Tillväxthämmande skatter

När man följer den politiska debatten får man ibland intryck av att vissa inte ser något samband mellan skatter och tillväxt. Det gör dock OECD, i den nya studien ”Tax and Economic Growth”:

This paper investigates the design of tax structures to promote economic growth. It suggests a “tax and growth” ranking of taxes, confirming results from earlier literature but providing a more detailed disaggregation of taxes. Corporate taxes are found to be most harmful for growth, followed by personal income taxes, and then consumption taxes. Recurrent taxes on immovable property appear to have the least impact. A revenue neutral growth-oriented tax reform would, therefore, be to shift part of the revenue base from income taxes to less distortive taxes such as recurrent taxes on immovable property or consumption.

Dags för en ny skattereform i Sverige?