Charmig schackspelare

Jeremy Bernstein berättar om världsmästaren i schack Bobby Fischer:

One Sunday, Kubrick and I watched Fischer’s interview with Mike Wallace for “60 Minutes.” It was around the time of Fischer’s birthday and Wallace had come with a cake. “I don’t like that kind of cake,” Fischer said graciously. Then he told Wallace how he had learned to play chess. His older sister had taught him the moves. He soon began beating her so he spotted her pieces. Then he said that that no longer worked so he began playing with himself—Fischer vs. Fischer. “Mostly I won,” he commented with no trace of humor.

Jag kan inte låta bli att beundra en person som säger vad han tycker när någon kommer med en tårta han inte gillar. Och jag gillar personer som inte inser hur roliga de är i andras ögon. Läs mer om Bobby Fischer här.

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