Världens främste schackspelare

Den 19-årige norrmannen Magnus Carlsen rankas som etta i världen i schack. Han har intervjuats av Der Spiegel och har en del intressant att säga.

SPIEGEL: Mr Carlsen, what is your IQ?
Carlsen: I have no idea. I wouldn’t want to know it anyway. It might turn out to be a nasty surprise.
SPIEGEL: Why? You are 19 years old and ranked the number one chess player in the world. You must be incredibly clever.
Carlsen: And that’s precisely what would be terrible. Of course it is important for a chess player to be able to concentrate well, but being too intelligent can also be a burden. It can get in your way. I am convinced that the reason the Englishman John Nunn never became world champion is that he is too clever for that.

En annan smart kille, Andreas Bergh, menar också att man kan vara för smart. Jag undrar dock om den riktigt smarte inte lätt kan identifiera och motverka de nackdelar som stor smarthet kan medföra. Här kan du, liksom jag har gjort, testa din IQ.

Vidare undrar jag om Carlsens erfarenheter av att lära sig matte utgör ett argument för hemundervisning (som ju bl.a. Mårten Schultz och Johan Noberg nyligen har talat sig varma för):

SPIEGEL: How were you able to stand maths lessons then?
Carlsen: When I was 13, my parents took me out of school for a year. They travelled around the world with me and my sisters, and on the way they taught us. That was fantastic, much more effective than sitting in school. I do understand that it is a problem for a teacher having to look after 30 pupils. But the slow speed was quite frustrating for me. I didn’t miss school at all.

Det är inte svårt att beundra Carlsen. Men även solen har sina fläckar:

Carlsen: When we were in Moscow, my mother and my sisters went to the Bolshoi Theatre, I didn’t.
SPIEGEL: Why not?
Carlsen: I ask you, ballet! That’s boring.