Fattigdomen i Afrika faller

Afrika har länge framställts som ekonomiskt hopplöst. Den nya studien ”African Poverty Is Falling…Much Faster Than You Think!” var därför uppiggande läsning:

We show that: (1) African poverty is falling and is falling rapidly; (2) if present trends continue, the poverty Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of people with incomes less than one dollar a day will be achieved on time; (3) the growth spurt that began in 1995 decreased African income inequality instead of increasing it; (4) African poverty reduction is remarkably general: it cannot be explained by a large country, or even by a single set of countries possessing some beneficial geographical or historical characteristic.

En av studiens illustrationer:

Inte bara de fattiga i Kina och Indien har gynnats av ekonomisk tillväxt: detsamma tycks alltså gälla de fattiga i Afrika.