Ger ingenting något?

nozickJag läste nyligen följande rader av Robert Nozick, och jag har inte kunnat sluta tänka på dem:

One might hold that nothingness as a natural state is derivative from a very powerful force toward nothingness, one any other forces have to overcome. Imagine this force as a vacuum force, sucking things into non-existence or keeping them there. If this force acts upon itself, it sucks nothingness into nothingness, producing something or, perhaps, everything, every possibility. If we introduced the verb ”to nothing” to denote what this nothingness force does to things as it makes or keeps them nonexistent, then (we would say) the nothingness nothings itself.*

Är denna ingentingkraft förklaringen till att något existerar? Min panna skrynklar sig!

*Nozick, Robert (1981). ”Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?”, i Philosophical Explanations. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press: 123.