Schism mellan ateister

De nya ateisterna, bl.a. Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, P. Z. Myers och Jerry Coyne, faller inte alla i smaken. Det finns faktiskt ateister som ogillar dem och deras höga svansföring. Två exempel:

  • ruseProfessorn i filosofi Michael Ruse: ”[H]ow dare we be so condescending? I don’t have faith. I really don’t. Rowan Williams does as do many of my fellow philosophers like Alvin Plantinga (a Protestant) and Ernan McMullin (a Catholic). I think they are wrong; they think I am wrong. But they are not stupid or bad or whatever. … I don’t think I am wrong, but the worth and integrity of so many believers makes me modest in my unbelief.”
  • greenProfessorn i matematik Michael Green: ”I get angry with people who are wildly atheist, because they sort of deny any humanity whatsoever. They deny the poetry – and they talk as if we understand everything, including love, and actually there are beautiful things which can move you in ways that presumably can be understood entirely in terms of complex pathways in the brain, but that’s still not a useful way of thinking of them. So I get annoyed by ultra-atheists who aren’t willing to tolerate anything – I suppose I’m less atheist than that.”

Själv står jag på de nya ateisternas sida: jag är med andra ord inte bara ateist utan även anti-teist. Precis som Richard Dawkins är jag trött på attityden att religion ska betraktas som något intellektuellt respektabelt, som man tyst ska acceptera. Den tiden är förbi.