Absurd syn på kärlek?

Don Juan omtalas i Albert Camus essä ”The Absurd Man” (i The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays, s. 69):

If it were sufficient to love, things would be too easy. The more one loves, the stronger the absurd grows. It is not through lack of love that Don Juan goes from woman to woman. It is ridiculous to represent him as a mystic in quest of total love. But it is indeed because he loves them with the same passion and each time with his whole self that he must repeat his gift and his profound quest. Whence each woman hopes to give him what no one has ever given him. Each time they are utterly wrong and merely manage to make him feel the need of that repetition. ”At last,” exclaims one of them, ”I have given you love.” Can we be surprised that Don Juan laughs at this? ”At last? No,” he says, ”but once more.” Why should it be essential to love rarely in order to love much?

Den sista frågan är relevant. Var Don Juan verkligen absurd? Kan inte kärleken vara flyktig och uppstå på nytt och på nytt inför olika personer? Är inte monogamin (för många) en illusion?

Se även ”Fem typer av kärlek”.