Himlen och ondskans problem

James Wood argumenterar med finess mot kristna som hävdar att lidande är ett acceptabelt pris för att vi ska ha fri vilja (vilket kristna påstår att vi har, trots svagt bibliskt stöd). I så fall, hur kan himlen förklaras — det perfekta stället, utan lidande?

But Heaven is also a problem for theodicists who take the freedom to choose between good and evil as paramount. For Heaven must be a place where either our freedom to sin has been abolished or we have been so transfigured that we no longer want to sin: in Heaven, our will miraculously coincides with God’s will. And here the free-will defense unravels, and is unravelled by the very idea of Heaven. If Heaven obviates the great human freedom to sin, why was it ever such a momentous ideal on earth, ”worth” all that pain and suffering?