Hitchens dissar McCain

Christopher Hitchens om John McCain:

Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear had to feel sorry for the old lion on his last outing and wish that he could be taken somewhere soothing and restful before the night was out. The train-wreck sentences, the whistlings in the pipes, the alarming and bewildered handhold phrases—”My friends”—to get him through the next 10 seconds. I haven’t felt such pity for anyone since the late Adm. James Stockdale humiliated himself as Ross Perot’s running mate.

Det är berättigat att känna oro för att världens mäktigaste nation kan komma att ledas av en svag åldring (se tidigare inlägg här och här). Professor David Strömberg beräknar emellertid att Obama vinner med 85 procents sannolikhet.