Tror religiösa verkligen på Gud?

Professorn i filosofi Daniel Dennett noterar något intressant:

It is seldom remarked (though often observed in private, I daresay) that many, many people who profess belief in God do not really act the way people who believed in God would act; they act the way people would act who believed in believing in God. … They ask for God’s help, but do not risk anything on receiving it, for instance. They thank God for their blessings, but, following the principle that God helps those who help themselves, they proceed with the major decisions of their lives as if they were going it alone.

Those few individuals who clearly do act as if they believed in God, really believed in God, are in striking contrast: the Christian Scientists who opt for divine intervention over medical attention, for instance, or those who give all their goods to one church or another in expectation of the Apocalypse, or those who eagerly seek martyrdom.

Så är de flesta religiösa posörer? Tror de inte innerst inne? Är de i själva verket meta-ateister? Många tecken tyder på det (actions speak louder than words).

Se även ett tidigare inlägg om icke-troende kristna, som dock, till skillnad från dem Dennett talar om, inser och erkänner att de är icke-troende.