OS-bön med logisk spänning

Den anglikanska kyrkan har låtit formulera en OS-bön:

Everlasting God, giver of joy and source of abundant life,
we pray for all who are involved in the Beijing Olympic Games,
and especially those who represent Great Britain:
for their safe-keeping and well-being;
and as we celebrate the skill and resolve of those who compete
we pray that, throughout the Games, there would be
a striving for excellence,
a spirit of humility and fair play,
and a respect for others,
and that all who wait on you may find their strength renewed
in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Oförarglig, kan tyckas, men notera den logiska spänningen mellan att å ena sedan be Jahve att särskilt hjälpa tävlande från Storbritannien och att å andra sidan be denne gud om fair play.

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