Terrorismens grunder

Kalle Larsson (v) må frusta av upprördhet, men en ny forskningsöversikt om terrorismens orsaker har kommit. Den styrker bilden av att dessa orsaker inte har med fattigdom, låg utbildning eller låg grad av demokrati att göra:

”Popular beliefs link terrorism to economic, political and social underdevelopment. In this contribution, we comprehensively review the related, most relevant cross-country analyses to ascertain the true determinants of terrorism. The related theoretical underpinnings are presented and common analytical and methodological objections are discussed. In general, we find that terrorism is closely linked to political instability, sharp divides within the populace, country size and further demographic, institutional and international factors. Sound counter-terrorism policies should work on these prominent root causes of terrorism. Evidence is only marginal that economic performance, structural economic conditions, democratization, education or religious affiliation significantly interact with terrorism. Thus, we are skeptical towards popular policy advice that focuses on poverty alleviation, a promotion of economic development, democratization, education or the like.”

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