Medborgarskap underlättar integrationen

I många länder är det svårt att bli medborgare. Samtidigt kämpar många länder med intergrationen av invandrare. Vad händer med invandrare när det blir lättare att bli medborgare? Den nya studien ”Access to Citizenship and the Economic Assimilation of Immigrants” finner följande:

Immigrants often have lower employment rates and earnings than natives. Our empirical analysis relies on two reforms generating exogenous variation in the waiting time for citizenship. We find that faster access to citizenship improves the economic situation of immigrant women, especially their labour market attachment with higher employment rates, longer working hours and more stable jobs. Immigrants also invest more in host country‐specific skills like language and vocational training. Faster access to citizenship seems a powerful policy instrument to boost economic integration in countries with traditionally restrictive citizenship policies.

Det är, såvitt jag förstår, relativt enkelt att bli svensk medborgare. Något att hålla fast vid?