Orbán fördriver Central European University

Judith Sargentini, en ledamot av Europaparlamentet från Nederländerna, uttrycker det väl:

It’s a very sad day for academic freedom in Europe, particularly in Hungary, of course, but all of Europe. If a European government can actually bully a university out of its country and the others stand by and watch and don’t act, and I am particularly pointing at the other member states that have not been acting on things happening in Hungary for years now, we are in deep trouble.

Bildresultat för Orban ceuTyvärr verkar Manfred Weber, den tillträdande ordföranden för EPP, det parti i Europaparlamentet som Moderaterna och Kristdemokraterna tillhör, obenägen att kasta ut Fidesz (Orbáns parti). Istället förespråkar han juridiska åtgärder:

Rather than calling on the party to expel Fidesz, Weber urged the European Court of Justice to “fast-track” its infringement procedure against Hungary. Last year, the Commission triggered an infringement procedure against Hungary’s Higher Education Law, and later decided to refer Hungary to the ECJ because the law “disproportionally restricts EU and non-EU universities in their operations and needs to be brought back in line with EU law.”

Gott så, men EPP borde nu även säga adjö till Orbán.