Ateister tänker som buddhister

Från The Economist:

Dr Bourrat joined forces with Quentin Atkinson of the University of Auckland. Together, they pored over the World Values Survey, a poll of 87 countries that asks respondents, among other things, about their religious beliefs and the acceptability of a range of infractions, from littering to adultery. The upshot of Dr Bourrat’s and Dr Atkinson’s analysis was that people whose religion includes an omniscient, judgmental god (Christians, Muslims and so on) regard the whole range of such transgressions more harshly than those, such as Buddhists, whose religion does not. (Agnostics and atheists think like Buddhists.)

Själv avvisar jag alla religioner men anser buddhismen vara den minst frånstötande av de stora religionerna, kanske just pga. det resultat som redovisas ovan. Dess rationalism tilltalar mig dessutom; dess syn på livet efter döden gör det däremot inte.

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