Ensamhetens fördelar

Jag fann en artikel i Boston Globe om forskning om ensamhet mycket läsvärd:

But an emerging body of research is suggesting that spending time alone, if done right, can be good for us — that certain tasks and thought processes are best carried out without anyone else around, and that even the most socially motivated among us should regularly be taking time to ourselves if we want to have fully developed personalities, and be capable of focus and creative thinking. There is even research to suggest that blocking off enough alone time is an important component of a well-functioning social life — that if we want to get the most out of the time we spend with people, we should make sure we’re spending enough of it away from them. Just as regular exercise and healthy eating make our minds and bodies work better, solitude experts say, so can being alone. One ongoing Harvard study indicates that people form more lasting and accurate memories if they believe they’re experiencing something alone. Another indicates that a certain amount of solitude can make a person more capable of empathy towards others. And while no one would dispute that too much isolation early in life can be unhealthy, a certain amount of solitude has been shown to help teenagers improve their moods and earn good grades in school.

Vissa har svårt att förstå detta behov av ensamhet och ser det nästan som suspekt att man föredrar att vara för sig själv. Det behovet tror jag för övrigt varierar mellan människor: medan extroverta antagligen har ett litet sådant behov, torde introverta (som jag) ha ett stort sådant behov.