Determinism och fatalism är inte samma sak

Filosofen Raymond Bradley klargör:

It is sometimes supposed that the doctrine of Determinism—in the form of a belief in the causal interconnectedness of all events, from past to present and thence to the future—also has fatalistic implications. But this has got to be wrong. A determinist can well believe that just as our present actions are the effects of past events, so our present actions have their own effects and so can play a role in determining future events. That is to say, a causal determinist can consistently say that our wills are causally efficacious, at least some of the time. Since fatalism denies that our choices can have any effect on what the future is to be, a fatalist cannot consistently say this. Hence determinism does not imply fatalism.

Detta borde Justin Timberlake läsa. Om determinism, se denna norska folkbildare.