Sluta rädas döden

Den grekiske filosofen Epikuros har många tilltalande tankar. Flera av dem beskrivs i ”Happiness in the Garden of Epicurus”, publicerad i Journal of Happiness Studies. Jag finner t.ex. hans syn på döden korrekt:

Get used to believing that death is nothing to us since ‘all good and bad consists in sense-experience and death is the privation of sense-experience’ (Epicurus, 1994, p. 124). When you die, your soul ceases to exist, because it is composed of very fine and smooth atoms that are dispersed if the body no longer holds them together, says Epicurus in his Letter to Herodotus (Epicurus, 1994, p. 65). Therefore, when you are dead you cannot deal with death and when you are alive you don’t have to worry about death either since death is not yet present. There is no life after death, as Epicurus puts it: ‘…it [death] is relevant neither to the living nor to the dead, since it does not affect the former, and the latter do not exist’ (Epicurus, 1994, p. 125). Epicurus chooses a rational solution to eliminate our fear of death, which is in his eyes a great source of unhappiness.

Det enda jag fasar för är att personer jag tycker mycket om dör före mig.