Huvud eller telefon?

Scott Adams menar att ”telefon” är en obsolet beteckning på det vi numera går runt med i våra fickor. Han vill byta namn på denna apparat — till huvud! Så här resonerar han:

We need a new name for your cellular phone. The new name should embrace all of your device’s functions while favoring none. It should understand the future of the device and release on its history. The name should not be long or klunky or geeky, so forget about calling it a communicator. My suggestion, which I offer simply to prime the pump, is to call the phone your ”head.” This term recognizes that you are essentially a cyborg with a detachable brain. You offload a lot of your memory into your device, and it helps you communicate and gather information, just like the other parts of your general skull area. There isn’t much chance of name confusion with the organic part of your head because the context will always be clear. If you say, ”I can’t find my head,” or ”Whose head is ringing?” each utterance has only one rational interpretation.

Jag älskar mitt iHuvud!

Tips: Johan Folin.