Bör konservativa stödja homoäktenskap?

Ja, enligt Andrew Sullivan finns starka skäl för det:

[I]t is conservative not to eject people from the fabric and tradition of their own families; it is conservative to support emotional and financial stability which the daily discipline of marriage fosters; it is conservative not to balkanize citizens into groups based on identity; it is conservative to discourage gay men and women from marrying straight men and women on false pretenses and then ending up in divorce; it is conservative to include everyone into the social institutions that stabilize society; it is conservative to promote mutual responsibility and care-giving to avoid too much dependence on government; it is conservative not to trample states rights and amend the federal constitution when such things are grotesquely unnecessary; it is conservative to adjust to social change by adapting existing institutions, like civil marriage, than inventing totally new and untested ones, like civil unions.

Själv är jag inte konservativ men undrar om inte de som endast värnar om ”det traditionella äktenskapet mellan en kvinna och en man” tar intryck av denna argumentation.

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