Ser man vem som är våldsam?

Kan man få en känsla för om någon är våldsam bara genom att titta på ansiktet? Ja, en ny studie, ”A Thin Slice of Violence: Distinguishing Violent from Nonviolent Sex Offenders at a Glance”, publicerad i Evolution and Human Behavior, antyder att så ofta är fallet:

The current investigation tested the hypothesis that people would be able to detect a propensity for violence in other people, based only on a brief glance at their face. Participants estimated the propensity for violence in 87 registered sex offenders after seeing photos of them for 2 s each. Estimated likelihood of violence was significantly related to actual violent history, suggesting that violent tendencies can be accurately inferred from a brief look at a person’s face. Cues indicative of high masculinity and high levels of male sex hormones (heavy brow, general facial masculinity, high physical strength, younger age) were related to accurate judgments.

Det påminner mig om forskning som visar att brottslingar i genomsnitt är fulare än andra.

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