Nackdel med att vara lång

Jag har tidigare rapporterat om fördelar med att vara lång. Det finns dock också nackdelar. En sådan är att det ofta blir trångt att sitta i många sammanhang. En annan, från sportens värld, beläggs i den nya studien ”How Embodied Cognitions Affect Judgments: Height-Related Attribution Bias in Football Foul Calls”:

Many fouls committed in football (called soccer in some countries) are ambiguous, and there is no objective way of determining who is the “true” perpetrator or the “true” victim. Consequently, fans as well as referees often rely on a variety of decision cues when judging such foul situations. Based on embodiment research, which links perceptions of height to concepts of strength, power, and aggression, we argue that height is going to be one of the decision cues used. As a result, people are more likely to attribute a foul in an ambiguous tackle situation to the taller of two players. We find consistent support for our hypothesis …

Forskningsresultat av det här slaget bör integreras i domarutbildningar.