Pengar som går till resor

Blir man lycklig av pengar? Ja, enligt lyckoforskningen, men Arthur Schopenhauer höjer en varningens röst. I ”On the Sufferings of the World” skriver han:

The crowd of miserable wretches whose one aim in life is to fill their purses but never to put anything into their heads, offers a singular instance of this torment of boredom. Their wealth becomes a punishment by delivering them up to misery of having nothing to do; for, to escape it, they will rush about in all directions, traveling here, there and everywhere. No sooner do they arrive in a place than they are anxious to know what amusements it affords; just as though they were beggars asking where they could receive a dole!

Är det detta så många med höga inkomster håller på med när de (vi) reser? Att hitta distraktioner för att dämpa tristessen i livet? Få vill nog erkänna det, i vilket fall. Det trista är att tristessen, efter distraktionerna, framstår som än värre.