Viktig instruktion för hälsning

Om du är muslim kan du ha ägnat tid och kraft åt att fundera på denna fråga:

In my grandfather’s house there is a real live parrot, and when I pass by it, it greets me and says ”al-salaamu alaykum” [frid vare med dig]. In this case do I have to return the greeting of this bird?

Som tur är finns nu svar på frågan:

It seems that it is not prescribed to return the greeting of a parrot which has learnt how to say salaams, because saying salaam is an act of worship and a supplication which requires intention on the part of the one who said it, and there is no such intention on the part of this trained creature. So one should not return its greeting. The ruling is the same as that on a tape on which the greeting is recorded and can be heard. It is transmission of sound and does not come under the ruling on greeting when it is broadcast live, in which case returning the greeting is prescribed and is a communal obligation (fard kifaayah).

Skönt att veta!