Sommarläger i kritiskt tänkande

I England ordnas i sommar, med stöd av Richard Dawkins, läger för barn som vill lära sig att tänka kritiskt. En pappa är inte helt förtjust i tanken på att sonen kommer hem fullständigt rationell:

Imagine trying to celebrate the little beast’s birthday: ”Many happy returns, Darling. Now blow out the candles and make a wish.”
”Certainly not, Father. This is a futile custom. There is no evidence to support the notion that blowing out the candles on a Marks & Spencer Victoria sponge increases the likelihood of one’s desires becoming reality.”
”Right. I see. Sorry. Well, luckily, we’ve bought some nice gifts for you.”
”On the contrary, Father, luck did not influence your purchases. Indeed, there is no such thing. To believe otherwise is flabby thinking.”
”Oh, God.”
”Please don’t say that, Father. You know perfectly well that the deity whose name you invoke does not exist.”
”That Camp Quest thing really had an effect on you, hasn’t it. I suppose you’ll be wanting to go on the course they’re organising for Easter…”
”Most assuredly not. Easter is a spurious festival based on the fallacy that a man came back from the dead, which double-blind experiments have proved impossible. In consequence, I refuse to recognise Easter and shall spend the holiday period at school, whether or not my teachers are in attendance.”

För egen del finner jag denne mini-Dawkins charmerande! När han växer upp får han bli min medbloggare i kampen för rationalitet och upplysning.