Är välfärdsstaten överskattad?

Professor Allan Meltzer försvarar kapitalismen. I den mycket exklusiva referenslistan återfinns förutom Immanuel Kant bl.a. två svenska nationalekonomer, som Meltzer citerar:

A recent comprehensive study of Swedish income distribution during the 20th century concluded: ”Our findings suggest that top income shares in Sweden, like many other Western countries, decreased significantly over the first eighty years of the century. … Most of this decrease happened before 1950, that is, before expansion of the Swedish welfare state. As in many other countries, most of the fall was due to decreasing shares in the very top (the top one percent), while the income share of the lower half of the top decile … has been extraordinarily stable. Most of the fall is explained by decreased income from capital.” (Roine and Waldenstrom, 2006, 24)

Detta resultat framförs också i Andreas Berghs bok Den kapitalistiska välfärdsstaten. Är välfärdsstatens betydelse för en jämn inkomstfördelning överskattad?