På jakt efter extrem njutning

Om målet med tillvaron är att vara lycklig förefaller det viktigt att kunna njuta av livet på ett enkelt sätt. En som hade svårt för det var filosofen Michel Foucault:

Actually, I think I have real difficulty in experiencing pleasure. I think that pleasure is a very difficult behavior. It’s not as simple as that to enjoy one’s self. [Laughs] And I must say that’s my dream. I would like and I hope I’ll die of an overdose of pleasure of any kind. [Laughs] Because I think it’s really difficult, and I always have the feeling that I do not feel the pleasure, the complete total pleasure, and for me, it’s related to death.

Han hade dock vissa hjälpmedel:

michel foucault

There is also the fact that some drugs are really important for me because they are the mediation to those incredibly intense joys that I am looking for, and that I am not able to experience, to afford by myself. It’s true that a glass of wine, of good wine, old and so on, may be enjoyable, but it’s not for me. A pleasure must be something incredibly intense. But I think that I am not the only one like that. I’m not able to give myself and others those middle-range pleasures that make up everyday life. Such pleasures are nothing for me, and I am not able to organize my life in order to make place for them. That’s the reason why I’m not a social being, why I’m not really a cultural being, why I’m so boring in my everyday life. [Laughs] It’s a bore to live with me.

Man kanske ska vara lycklig över en förmåga att känna lycka över små saker i vardagen? Eller missar man de där härliga men farliga njutningsexplosionerna då? 

Citaten är från Ethics: Subjectivity and Truth, s. 129.