Poetisk nationalekonom

Jag tillbringade veckoslutet på det fantastiska Ockenden Manor i England, där jag deltog i ett kollokvium på temat ”The Limits of Rationality”. Jag imponerades särskilt av en av deltagarna, Jean-Paul Carvalho, från Oxford University. Bara en sådan sak som att han är poet! Jag tyckte mycket om denna dikt:

In the midst
All the time
In you
In me

Men först och främst är Jean-Paul en lovande forskare. Ta tillfället i akt och titta närmare på hans forskning:

  • ”A Theory of the Islamic Revival”: ”[T]he origins of the Islamic revival are traced to a combination of two developments: (1) a growth reversal which led to a decline in social mobility, leaving aspirations unfulfilled among the educated middle class, (2) increasing income inequality and impoverishment of the lower-middle class. The sexual revolution in the West and rapid urbanization in Muslim societies intensified this process of religious revival.”
  • ”Coordination and Culture”: ”[C]ultural commitments can explain why social diversity persists despite large benefits to homogenization of attitudes and behavior. We also show that more restrictive (i.e. intolerant) cultures can survive evolutionary selection when agents choose their culture.”
  • ”Instincts and Institutions: The Rise of the Market”: ”[W]e attribute the emergence of cooperation in early trade to an evolved characteristic of human psychology which makes revenge sweet: people are willing to pay a price to punish those who betray their trust. Once cooperative expectations became fixed, institutions such as the law merchant and ethnic trading networks, as well as certain ‘bourgeois virtues,’ helped sustain and extend trade during the Medieval period. ”

Missa slutligen inte Jean-Pauls intervju med ekonomipristagaren Thomas Schelling.