Ekonomisk dadaism

mussoliniJag befinner mig på kollokvium i Frankrike, och kvällens diskussion handlade bl.a. om fascismens syn på hur en ekonomi ska organiseras. Jag fann följande karakterisering såväl adekvat som humoristisk:

The first remark to be made is that it is a task of tremendous difficulty to define clearly the essentials of Fascist Economics. Regarding the literature and the verbose documents of Fascism and National-Socialism … one might be tempted to give up the task as hopeless and to dismiss it as economic Dadaism. The anti-capitalistic programme of Communism is at least clear and unequivocal and provides a relatively well-defined basis of discussion; we know where we are and we can take our stand. Not so with Fascism. … More than any other form of political radicalism, Fascism sails along with a minimum of intellectual freight — and is proud of it. Any interpretation of Fascism which fails to give due weight to this irrationalism misses one of the most important points. (s. 86)

Från: Röpke, Wilhelm (1935). ”Fascist Economics.” Economica, 2(5): 85—100.