Ranelid verifierar Nozick

Björn Ranelid beklagar sig i Expressen:

Jag står för mitt ord och påstår att jag är värd högre lön för mitt arbete än till exempel fotbollsspelaren Fredrik Ljungberg.

Ranelid ger genom sitt beklagande stöd åt Robert Nozicks teori om varför intellektuella tenderar att ogilla kapitalismen:

Why then do contemporary intellectuals feel entitled to the highest rewards their society has to offer and resentful when they do not receive this? Intellectuals feel they are the most valuable people, the ones with the highest merit, and that society should reward people in accordance with their value and merit. But a capitalist society does not satisfy the principle of distribution ”to each according to his merit or value.” Apart from the gifts, inheritances, and gambling winnings that occur in a free society, the market distributes to those who satisfy the perceived market-expressed demands of others, and how much it so distributes depends on how much is demanded and how great the alternative supply is. Unsuccessful businessmen and workers do not have the same animus against the capitalist system as do the wordsmith intellectuals. Only the sense of unrecognized superiority, of entitlement betrayed, produces that animus.