Problemet med nya stater

SvD:s ledarsida, president Bush, Carl Bildt och andra morrar mot Ryssland. Om mer än morrande är en klok strategi för väst är jag tveksam till. Ryssland är inte att leka med. Hursomhelst är situationen obehaglig och komplex, bl.a. eftersom det inte finns någon enighet om när en ny stat ska erkännas. Professor Eric Posner utvecklar:

For one thing, we can look at their elder sibling, Kosovo. Recognized by western countries but not by Russia or China, it declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Russia has made much of this precedent. “If you can decide that Kosovo is a state over our objections, we can decide that South Ossetia is a state over yours!” International law has little to say about the creation of states. … People should be more worried than they are by the fragmentation of states. Consider that shortly after World War II, there were around 60 states. Today, there are almost 200 (depending on how one counts quasi-states like Kosovo, and weird cases like Taiwan, which everyone has agreed is both a state (because it clearly has independence) and that is not a state (to mollify China), and there are even stranger beasts). A lot of this increase is due to decolonization, but in recent years, the main cause has been, essentially, ethnic separatism.

Kan man få drömma om en värld i vilken människor lever i harmoni och inte identifierar sig med sin etniska grupp och med sin nation?