Tio budord för ras och genetik

Forskare från olika discipliner har publicerat ett öppet brev i tidskriften Genome Biology i vilket de föreslår tio budord som rör frågor och forskning om ras och genetik. New Scientist rapporterar. Jag finner dem alla tänkvärda, inte minst i dessa sverigedemokratiska tider:

”1. All races are created equal.
2. An Argentinian and an Australian are more likely to have differences in their DNA than two Argentinians.
3. A person’s history isn’t written only in his or her genes.
4: Members of the same race may have different underlying genetics.
5. Both nature and nurture play important parts in our behaviors and abilities.
6. Researchers should be careful about using racial groups when designing experiments.
7. Medicine should focus on the individual, not the race.
8. The study of genetics requires cooperation between experts in many different fields.
9. Oversimplified science feeds popular misconceptions.
10. Genetics 101 should include a history of racism.”