Paglia om skönhet


Den underbara, den insiktsfulla, den politiskt inkorrekta Camille Paglia:

Early on, I was in love with beauty. I don’t feel less because I’m in the presence of a beautiful person. I don’t go, ”Oh, I’ll never be that beautiful!” What a ridiculous attitude to take – the Naomi Wolf attitude. When men look at sports, when they look at football, they don’t go, ”Oh, I’ll never be that fast, I’ll never be that strong!” When people look at Michelangelo’s David, do they commit suicide? No. See what I mean? When you see a strong person, a fast person, you go, ”Wow! That is fabulous.” When you see a beautiful person: ”How beautiful.” … We should not have to apologize for reveling in beauty. Beauty is an eternal human value.