Tysk dekadens

Min gode vän Karl rapporterar från Berlin:

We ended up in a club which was very German in the sense that one of the drinks on offer wasn’t called Orgasm nor Sex on the Beach, but simply: SPERMA. I just had to order that one:
– Sperma bitte.
– Bitte?
– Sperma.
– Jawohl.
The Sperma tasted really good. It was a mixture of sweet and salt and i wasn’t really able to pinpoint the ingredients. I brought my Sperma to the dancefloor and someone bumped into me so I got Sperma all over my hands. The Sperma was really sticky, so I went with my friend to the bathroom to wash my hands.
– Diese Sperma klebt wirklich, I said.
– Er hat das Getränk gemeint, my friend said.

Dit vågar jag nog inte åka igen.

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