Har rökförbud effekt?

Ja, rökförbud har definitivt haft effekt på den mängd rök människor utsätts för på offentlig plats i Canada. Detta enligt den nya studien ”Public-Place Smoking Laws and Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) in Public Places”:

In fixed-effects models we find that these laws had no effects on smoking but induced extremely large and statistically significant reductions in exposure to ETS in bars and restaurants for both non-smokers and smokers. … Interestingly, we also estimate that public-place smoking laws significantly increased non-smokers’ exposure to ETS at building entrances, suggesting that the laws displace some smokers from inside venues to just outside those places. We did not find that the laws had significant effects at affecting exposure in several other venues, however, including in cars, in other people’s homes, at bus stops and shelters, and at parks.

De senare resultaten antyder att om man vill minska omfattningen av den rök människor utsätts för på ”alla” platser, bör rökförbud kompletteras med höga tobaksskatter.