Utmanande ateism

Professorn i psykologi vid Harvard University Steven Pinker ger sin synJerry Coynes artikel om religion och vetenskap:

Jerry Coyne applies rigorous standards of logic and evidence to the claims of religion and to the attempts to reconcile it with science. Many scientists who share his atheism still believe that he is somehow being rude or uncouth for pressing the point. But he is right to do so. Knowledge is a continuous fabric, in which ideas are connected to other ideas. Reason-free zones, in which people can assert arbitrary beliefs safe from ordinary standards of evaluation, can only corrupt this fabric, just as a contradiction can corrupt a system of logic, allowing falsehoods to proliferate through it.

Just så. Många av oss ifrågasätter den vanliga inställningen att religion ska ”respekteras” även om man inte delar dess trossatser.

Se även det tidigare inlägget ”Slut på tålamodet”.