Hundar ogillar orättvisa

hundarInte bara människor och apor blir sura när andra får mer för en given uppgift, rapporterar New York Times:

[A] dog may stop obeying a command if it sees that another dog is getting a better deal.

Artikeln, ”The Absence of Reward Induces Inequity Aversion in Dogs”, publicerad i PNAS, återfinns här. Delar ur abstract:

We found differences in dogs tested without food reward in the presence of a rewarded partner compared with both a baseline condition (both partners rewarded) and an asocial control situation (no reward, no partner), indicating that the presence of a rewarded partner matters. Furthermore, we showed that it was not the presence of the second dog but the fact that the partner received the food that was responsible for the change in the subjects’ behavior. In contrast to primate studies, dogs did not react to differences in the quality of food or effort.

Att behandla likar lika verkar uppfattas som en fundamental rättviseprincip.

Tips: Panu Poutvaara.