Äktenskap för alla

Domare Richard Posner (som för övrigt har skrivit den synnerligen stimulerande boken Sex and Reason) konstaterar att könsneutrala äktenskap inte orsakar samhällets undergång:

Marriage retains and will probably long retain tremendous symbolic significance in our society as a symbol of love and commitment (that is why cheating on a spouse attracts greater opprobrium than cheating on a person with whom one has a long-term, but not marital, sexual relationship), and it is likely to retain that significance even as gay marriage becomes more widespread, as it seems bound to do.

Gary Becker

Gary Becker

Och ekonomipristagaren Gary Becker håller med, men skissar dessutom på något jag själv förespråkar, nämligen en ”privatisering” av äktenskapet:

I have proposed for many years that marriage should be basically a private contract between the men and women involved-they can add a religious ceremony if they so desire. There is no reason why the standard contract should be supplied by the government rather than by market forces. An explicit contract would be compulsory, even if it only has a minimum number of stipulations and rules. … Such contracts would be equally available to homosexuals, as they are already in some countries and many states of the United States.

Kloka herrar, det där.*


*Man kan notera att Posner är född 1939 och Becker 1930. Bara för att man är en äldre man behöver man inte vara reaktionär. (Alf Svensson är född 1938.)